Neustart Kultur: additional funding opportunities

For all exhibitors, additional funding opportunities are also planned within the framework of Neustart Kultur of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM).

Key facts

The following indirect or direct subsidies will be available to ensure planning security for us and our exhibitors as well as to facilitate the decision to register by 15.11.22 for publishers and companies.

  • The subsidies will primarily be used to directly support exhibitors. This means that stand rental fees will be discounted and there will be no increases in the fees for either media services or events at Leipzig liest. Furthermore, a portion of the subsidies will be allocated to implementing protective logistics measures for exhibitors and visitors.
  • The events database will be improved for 2023 and made even easier to use.
  • The digital infrastructure at the Leipzig Book Fair will also be expanded using subsidies from the economic stimulus programme.

Discount on Stand Rental Fees – General Conditions and Procedure:

  • All exhibitors will receive a non-recurring discount on the net trade fair fees that are valid at the time of registration.
    • 30% discount for stands up to and including 8 m²
    • 15% discount for stands of 9 m² and over

  • There is no additional application procedure. All exhibitors will automatically receive the relevant discount, which will be shown on the stand rental invoice. Exhibitors will not be required to do anything to receive this.
  • Funding is available for all national and international main exhibitors, i.e. exhibitors with their own stand at both the Leipzig Book Fair and Manga Comic-Con and will be calculated on the basis of the regular stand rental fee according to the valid price list at the time of registration.
  • The discount will be given for all types of stands.
  • The discount will be calculated on the basis of the registered area and stand type. In exceptional cases where it is necessary to make changes to the stand and stand size after registration, the discount will be adjusted accordingly. The final discount can be seen on the invoice for the trade fair stand rental. We will not be sending out any additional information.
  • Exhibitors have no legal entitlement to the subsidies

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