MaCoCo zeigt auf den Wegweiser der Manga-Comic-Con, der auf Halle 1 und 3 verweist.

Advertising makes all the difference: attract attention by taking advantage of Manga-Comic-Con's wide range of advertising materials and PR support. Our services range from print and online media, advertising space and client invitations to services that can help you with your press and public relations work.

Advertising material

Take advantage of our wide range of promotional material: from classic print media to digital banner advertising and an extensive range of advertising spaces throughout the grounds of Leipzig Trade Fair.

Indoor and outdoor advertising spaces

Use targeted advertising to draw attention to your company and place your brand in high-traffic advertising spaces throughout the indoor and outdoor areas of Leipzig Exhibition Centre. Our service partner FAIRNET will be happy to advise you, and can also handle design, production, (dis)assembly and, if required, storage.

Your contact

Peter Schippel
Peter Schippel
Project Manager


Whether displayed on a trade fair stand or at an event: Manga-Comic-Con's trademarks signify a major literary and media event. Benefit from this magnetism by using event logos to make your trade fair a success. We are happy to provide different versions of these in various resolutions for exhibitors at the current Manga-Comic-Con.

Note on usage: JPG files are particularly suited for online use. When printing we recommend using EPS vector graphics. Please note our legal information for your usage.

Legal information concerning use of logos

Downloading, saving and any use of the mentioned logos, names or banners is only permitted under the following conditions:

  • Logos and names may only be used for news reports by publishers and/or journalists, or
  • users that are bindingly approved as an exhibitor for a future trade fair/exhibition organised by Leipziger Messe at the time of download and saving, as well as for the duration of the use of the logo/name.
  • The user shall faithfully reproduce the logo/name without any distortion (minor colour deviations in printing will be tolerated in individual cases).
  • If the user is an exhibitor as defined above, they may use the logo/name exclusively in connection with reference to their future participation in a trade fair/exhibition organised by Leipziger Messe.
  • The use of the logo/name for purposes other than those named above – in particular, to identify goods and services of third parties – requires specific consent by the Manga-Comic-Con.

Failure to comply with the above requirements will be prosecuted under civil law and – in the case of copyright infringement – also under criminal law.

Press and Public Relations

From announcing events to organising press conferences: We will be happy to provide you with a variety of services to support your press and public relations activities.

Press releases

From new products to trade fair promotions and events: Send us any announcements about your participation in the trade fair. We will be happy to include them in our event highlights, newsletters or press releases wherever possible.

Our tip: Let us know as early as possible. The more notice we have, the better chance we have of being able to find the appropriate place for your announcement.

Please also note that this is a voluntary service provided by Manga-Comic-Con and does not imply any obligation.

Press conferences

Planning a press conference during the fair? To maximise the impact of your communication, we will be happy to support you in your preparation: whether through organising suitable premises, providing the latest technology or putting on delicious catering.

Your contact

Anja Griesbach-Wesp
Anja Griesbach-Wesp
Media Centre and -organisation