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MaCoCo in der Glashalle auf der Manga-Comic-Con

Cosplay is the most lovely way of expressing your great love of literature. Can there be any bigger compliment than wanting to look as close as possible to your heroes from manga and comics? The cosplay community will be showing how beautifully this passion can be expressed by presenting a wide range of costumes at Manga-Comic-Con. They will be mingling with trade fair visitors and taking part in various competitions and events.

So What is Cosplay?

Cosplay is derived from "costume" and "play". Cosplayers imitate characters from manga, anime, games or even films. They make their elaborate costumes themselves, keeping as close as possible to the original.

Drei Cosplayerinnen in der Glashalle auf der Manga-Comic-Con

Our Service for You

Manga-Comic-Con is part of Leipzig Book Fair – a unique cooperation that results in a wonderful get-together. However, to ensure this can go ahead without any problems and everyone can enjoy the fascinating cosplay, there are a few costume rules .

In addition, there will be a cosplay check before you enter the halls to inspect your costumes with regard to suitability for the festival.

A Cosplay Manager will be available throughout the fair to answer all your questions concerning costumes and the community rules.

Cosplayerin mit Löwenkopf in der Glashalle auf der Manga-Comic-Con

Our Cosplay Competitions

We have annual awards for the best interpretations of comic and manga heroes.

Review: The Leipzig Cosplay Competition took place on the Saturday of the trade fair in 2023, combining flamboyant costumes with spectacular performances.